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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too good not to share...

Fall has officially arrived!

A big hello to you...

and to the spooky month of October!

I get extremely camera happy this time of year and find myself photographing pumpkin displays when I am out shopping. True story.

Displays make lovely photographs, don't you agree?

While out shopping, hubby and I also stumbled upon something that is just too good not to share with you!

(If you are a coffee drinker, that is).


Normally, we do not buy flavored coffee because we really do prefer a plain ol' cup of joe with our choice of flavored creamer. We are strange like that...

one morning we may be in the mood for a simple French vanilla...

but by evening, we may want Irish cream or caramel macchiato in our coffee.

However, when we saw the clearance shelf in the store for "Blueberry Muffin" coffee, $1.00...

we both agreed that it was certainly worth a try for that price.

So, "how good was it", you may be wondering.

Oh, my.


Friends, this coffee, topped off with vanilla creamer, is absolutely heavenly and too good not to share!

It also earned a spot in my art journal!

That's how good it was!

It does not have a fruity taste. It's a sweet coffee and very smooth. I'm so glad that we picked up two bags and I plan on trying more flavors from the bakery series, including more Blueberry Muffin!

I painted in my art journal using Faber-Castell watercolor pencils, Albrecht Durer-

Something else that is seriously too good not to share!

I splurged and chose the full set of 120 pencils. After reading such wonderful reviews, I felt confident in my decision. (I went back and forth with sets and added single pencils to my cart as well... For two days). Do you do that?

When I opened the metal box, my eyes lit up.

Color does that to me!

This metal box holds three layers of beautiful watercolor pencils.

I will say that I have no regrets and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

The pencils are creamy, vibrant and don't seem to leave a pencil mark residue on the paintings after water has been added.

Once again, all paintings shown in this post have been created with these Faber-Castell watercolor pencils.

I will close for now. My work for the day is done.

I'm now sipping on a cup of Blueberry muffin coffee and ready to play again with the new pencils!

This is a perfect day!



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