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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Country Fall with Mr. Pippin...

Oooooooh, don't you just love Fall?

Although we still have some 80-degree days in our forecast this week, the Fall festivities have begun here on the prairie.

Country living is simply wonderful.

Neighbors and friends live fields apart, but still remain close should one need a helping hand or wish to share a cup of coffee.

Every Fall is welcomed with the annual Bon fire, a few dirt roads South of us. Many of the town folk gather, with a covered dish in hand...

for a night of visiting, eating, and a live band for some dancing, for those who desire to do so.

This goes on until 1:00 in the morning...

but hubby and I could never last that long!

It was a nice evening.


I have completed, "Mr. Pippin". Doesn't he look festive in his orange and black?

I am now eager to decorate the house for Halloween!

It's always so much fun digging those boxes out of the basement and admiring each decoration, one by one...

deciding on it's placement for this Fall year.

For now, "Mr. Pippin" hangs from the fireplace mantel. He needs more friends, and once that I get caught up with commission work... (Or in between),

I will sculpt a Mrs. Pippin, for him.

At last!

This piece will ship to it's new home tomorrow!

A painstaking piece of art that has undergone many transformations.

Mistakes were made...

and layers of acrylic paint were added to fix them.

I'm doing the happy dance today because it is time to move on to the next!

I hope that your weekend has been wonderful as well.

We will meet right back here again, real soon, ok?



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