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Meet The Artist
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Monday, June 16, 2014

June Ponderings...

Hello to you!

June is such a wonderful month, don't you agree?

This June has started off rather busy for us...

but a perfect kind of busy, indeed.

I recently had a best friend come and stay with me for five days!

Oh, dear.

We stayed up very late most nights!

Painting until 4:00 am on this night.

Well, she had gone on to bed...

but I continued to paint until my eyes would no longer stay open.

Moons seem to be everywhere lately!

As girlfriends do...

We also pampered ourselves with oh, so yummy grilled foods, conversation, sharing stories and secrets. These days, she and I often discuss our aging bodies!

We did matching manicures and pedicures!

She has joined me in the nail wrap business and is already enjoying it tremendously!

It's so nice that she and I share so many common interests, which leads to even more fun things to visit about!

She went back to her world on Wednesday.

I, back to my life on the prairie, with husband by my side.

(He had gone on a trip for some RZR riding with one of his best friends).

There is always much to do around our prairie home and rolling hills...

however, over the weekend, he and I chose to take walks with our fur babies, down to the pond.

I even squeezed in a couple of brisk, solo walks.

We were both a little blue on Father's Day this year.

It was the first Father's Day without his sweet dad on earth. We could not call him on the phone.

And of course, I always pine for my dad who is miles away,..

But I am so grateful that I can still hear his voice and make plans to see him.

I will probably always be somewhat homesick.

We kept ourselves busy throughout the day of fathers.

I baked a pineapple upside down cake, worked on commission work.

Hubby also went to work for half of the day.

We were glad that we did so because being self employed has it's stressors. If we do fall behind, we lose money and only we are accountable. We never want to lose a customer and word of mouth is our best advertisement.

So, we both got a nice jump start on this week's work...

and yes, each job does have a deadline.

At the end of the day...

he picked a pretty pink rose from our rose bush...

Just for me.

A reminder.

Why I am here.

Enjoy your day, dear ones.



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