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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A full moon in June?


I heard a rumor...

That soon, there will be a full moon.

Of course, when it happens...

I will grab my camera and try again.

I never can seem to get a good, crystal clear shot of the moon and all of it's glory.

Can you?

I welcome your tips and suggestions!

I sure do enjoy painting the moon!

Today I completed this commission piece.


It is a surprise gift for a high school classmate who really loves the moon!

Whenever there is a full moon in the sky, she posts a picture on facebook, along with a caption that reads, "Oh. Would you look at that"!

It has become her "thing" on fb!

Cute & clever, don't you think?

That angel who has commissioned me to paint for others for an entire year is behind this one as well!

I have added 16 treasures in this mixed media moon painting!

Can you find them?

I will be doing more hidden treasure pieces!

I may even do one for our home!

We have had lots of rain here on the prairie!


All things are growing well and I do believe that I am going to have some lovely pumpkins!!!!

Looking forward to company this weekend and most all of next week too!

My girly friend, Lori, will arrive on Sunday.

We are going to do our nails and our usual creative stuff!

This is my current mani and pedi...

What do you think?

Oh, so much fun!!!!

Lori has joined my team of independent consultants!

You can too, if you'd like!!!!

We would certainly love to have you!

I think that we all need a variety of fun hobbies, and I am so happy to have found this one that also provides me with a bit of fun money too!!!!

I do hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week!

I will see you soon!



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