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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free To Play (and watch pumpkins grow)...

Hello, out there!

It's officially Summer!!!

We have had so much rain and just perfect temperatures here. I really need to start doing more of my painting outside, on the patio.


Summer will pass me by if I do not come up with a brilliant way to work outdoors.

I do not have any commission pieces due until August, so...

today, I allowed myself time to just play with paint.

I am taking quite an interest in abstract painting and wanted to try my own hand at it.

It sure feels fabulous...

to not have a plan, or even an idea.

I did not want to waste any of these beautiful, bold colors, so, I kept an art journal near by and once I was finished using that paint color on my canvases, I then added the remaining paint to the pages of my journal. Love this idea and will continue to work in this manner...

working on two entirely different art projects at the same time, in the same colors.

As I got further along in the paintings...

Umbrellas popped into my head!

Oh, yes!!!! Umbrellas indeed!

I have yet to finish them and since these are not commission works, I may list them in my etsy shop, once done.

Do you sell on etsy?

I would love and appreciate it if you would share your experience with me.

I have listed many items...

and have only sold just a handful over a few years span. I'm just not sure if etsy is the market place for me. I wish that it were because I could reach out to more potential buyers, in different states. Some days I think that my etsy days are simply over. Been there, done that. Other days, I remind myself to never give up!

I have been doing rather well through my facebook page!

Please, look me up and give me a "like"!!!! (Missy Trent Art & Offerings)! I will be forever grateful!!!!

Did I tell you that I planted pumpkins?

Take a looky:

The vines are now growing under the garden fence! Squeel! I can't wait!

I hope that all is going well for you in your corner of the world!

I plan on blogging more this week so I will see you very soon!



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