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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sugar Skulls & Sugar Skulls...


How are you?

All is wonderful here on the prairie!

No true Spring weather yet, but that's okay because I have much going on in the art studio.

This week I am filling an order for sugar skull necklaces!

This has been my biggest commission yet!

A place of business has ordered dozens of the skulls for a May art event in Iowa, celebrating the Mexican culture.

I even put my new bead baking rack to use and loved it!

I'm getting closer to completing this order and have nicely wrapped each cord around my business cards. I thought that the white background showed off the skull better, having all of my colorful info on the backside.

It's been a nice break from canvas painting, which I did all weekend and most all of last week. (I will show that project soon, as it's on it's way to Virginia and I do not want to blow the surprise)!

For now, I'm off to string more beads and then get these babies boxed up for shipping!

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

Until next time...



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