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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Red Pot Series...

Hello, my dear readers!

Forgive, please, for being absent.

I so intended to create a new post at the beginning of the week...

But the nasty headaches kept me away from any mental tasks. No worries. I can explain. I have decided to try giving up caffeine altogether since I drink way too much coffee in a day. Seriously, it's not normal consumption because I love it so and working from home now has increased my intake. I never would have thought that caffeine could make such a huge difference in our bodies, but it does.

Every night I was waking up at odd hours and hot flashes are going to send me over the edge if I do not find a cure!

Monday was my first day with zero caffeine. Rough few days ahead with headaches. (And I have heard of this happening).

However, my hot flashes seem to be less frequent and not so unbearable and I have been sleeping through the night!!!

Me give up coffee? No way! I just switched to decaf!

Now I can share with you, a series of three acrylic paintings that were sent to Virginia.

I call this "The Red Pot" series.


This was a surprise gift that I was commissioned to do. Quite enjoyable!

I received a message from the recipient. That's always rewarding!

I'm working on several commissions right now, bouncing from one to the other! Can't wait to show you.

We have company arriving tomorrow so I must close for now and make time for cleaning and baking!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


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