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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Owl, Kisses, and Creativity...

Hello again!

How is your week going?

I'm off to a pretty good start.

Recently, I had a client request some baby gifts in an owl theme, using aqua, white, and grey.

The first step for me was to begin sketching owls so that I could create my own character to use as my reference.

After drawing different body shapes, head shapes, eyes...

I came to the conclusion that I preferred my owls fat and furry with huge eyes!


I have been painting owls for days now!

Fun for a change, I will say.

My client wanted a few different pieces to coordinate together.

I ended up with a picture frame, canvas, wood plaque, and an ornament (still unfinished).

I love the soothing colors for a baby's room.

I also completed the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" canvas by adding some beautiful texture and a scroll design.

Now I want one for our bedroom!

I have also made time for playing, "Miss Photographer", using my Sony telephoto lens (on my Sony nex 5r).

The lens rocks!

How about that ice sculpture hanging from our roof top?

Yes, it's still Winter here.

A great time to be busy painting... Indoors!

Tell me what you have been doing!

Enjoy your evening!



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