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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello peeps and pretty nails!

Hello, peeps and Happy Spring!

Oh, it feels so good to say that!

At last, Spring has arrived!

We are still awaiting warmer temperatures here, but officially, it's here and I have heard that lovely sound of birds singing outside my window.

Easter is next and I have been having a blast squishing clay into sweet Easter treats to wear!

These are my very favorite Easter treats! I feel like such a child, sucking all of the sugar off of them...

and then savoring the gooey marshmallow in my mouth!

How about you?

Do you have a favorite?

And chocolate bunnies are just the cutest! (Not as easy to sculpt though)!

And now I have a story to share with you!

Last weekend I participated in a local fundraiser event, as you know from my previous posts. After setting up my art displays, I began to roam a bit and visit other participating vendors. I met a charming new friend who was selling her finger nail wraps, along with hand care products and nail lacquer. I made it very clear to her that I don't do my nails (as you can always see in my photos like the ones above). Yuck! Why bother when I work with messy paints, gesso, gel mediums all day. I even clip my nails whenever I begin working with clay so that I do not leave finger nail imprints on my projects.


I was still quite curious about these nail wraps that shrink to one's finger nail with a heat source... and her finger nails were so darn cute! After spending long hours at my booth, and she at hers,... I finally agreed to trying these nail wraps by having one put on with her tiny tabletop heater. I was even more curious after watching the vinyl "melt" onto my natural nail... With such a beautiful design. I went ahead and placed several of the raffle tickets that my hubby had purchased, into her giveaway basket.

At 3:00 pm the raffle began...

And I won that basket filled with hand care products and TWO packages of nail wraps!

So, I'm going to jump ahead a bit to shorten this story.

Once home, I realized that I could now really put these nail wraps to the test and not be out any money by doing so. That was a relief. It's somewhat like a brand new art journal. That first blank page is always a little intimidating. I never want to ruin the pricey new journal! (It takes a little mental preparation to convince myself that it's my journal is to play in and mess up.... That's what it's for)!

Speeding up this story even more...

With full manis and pedis (with these things called, "nail wraps"), I went about my normal tasks of showering, putting on lotions, painting, scrubbing mediums off of my hands and cuticles, doing dishes, laundry, opening pull tab cans...

Now on day 4 with the entire sets (manicure and pedicure, in which I solely applied).

My conclusion:

First- complete joy! I can have pretty nails and still do art!

Second thought- I want more of these!

To my own amazement, I signed up to be an independent Jamberry Nails consultant!


This is my art blog so you will not find me promoting any other products here, other than my own creativity....

and if this weren't something that just totally has me in "aaaaaahhhhhh", you would not be hearing about it at all. Friends, this is the reason why I have not blogged in a week! Seriously. I have been setting up my pro pay account, ordering product, visiting with my girly friends who are now flipping over it and anxious to try!

So, I will leave you with this:

Check out my link to my new personal consultant site, Boho Nails.

If you wish to try the wraps they are "buy three, get one Free".... But I insist on helping you apply them the very first time, via messages or in person for local friends. I used a method and a few tricks that has kept my wraps perfectly in tact, so please, please, message me if you order!!!!! Why? Because it's so worth trying but only if you apply them correctly! I want you to love them as I do.

Now I find myself kinda wishing that they would fall off...

Because I can't wait to slap on some new designs!!!!! Giggle giggle!

My toes and fingers are welcoming Spring and sandals!!!!


Goodbye ugly nails!


Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon! I'm currently working on several commission pieces and can't wait to share!



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