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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooky, Crazy Fall...

Hello, friends!

Please, forgive me for being absent for days.

Pour yourself a cup of something hot. Sit for awhile and I will explain.

October is our month to explore and behave oddly. You know...

Full moons in the sky.

We like to prowl and explore.

My mom-in-law came for a visit so she tagged along on this adventure.

First stop was to a pumpkin patch. My sweetheart and I go every Fall. We buy homemade jellies and pumpkin butter!

I run around, with my camera, playing "Miss Photographer".

I nearly ran into this spooky, poor soul. Oh my.

We studied each pumpkin...

Green ones, lumpy ones, fat ones, tiny ones.

I like this shape best.

After romping through the pumpkin patch, we took a day trip to Weston, Missouri...

taking in all of the Fall surroundings. Quite beautiful.

Shopping, dining, and more shopping. I even purchased some wonderful witchy socks!

I always feel so inspired after a trip...

And oh, how I love painting pumpkins!

In my art journal the memories are recorded...

although I failed to mention the hot apple cider and the Irish food!

So many details and a whole lot of playing...

I came home with a cold.

Sniffle. Sniffle.

So, I put on my witchy socks to warm my toes.

I have my tissue box handy and a hot cup of Joe.

Halloween thoughts fill my head. Don't you just love this spooky, crazy time of year?

I must rest and get well soon because I'm going on another Fall outing this weekend with a girly friend!

I can hardly wait!!!!

I will share again soon!




  1. I know I'm late, but I sure hope you are feeling better. This is my favorite time of year (except for when it snows!) and I love seeing how everyone dresses up their homes and themselves. Love the socks!

    1. Hi, Laura! Thank you!!!! Finally feeling better!!!! Yay! I too, love Fall... Minus snow! I hope that you are enjoying the season! Xo