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Meet The Artist
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Time Journaling...

Hello there!

Happy Friday to you!

As I sit here in my sweats, I can hear the sound of a Fall rain outside. I'm grateful to have this day off from work, and out of the chilly weather.

I was up and at em' at 5:30 this morning. I woke up feeling energized... And well!!!! Yay, I have kicked that nasty cold!

Let the painting begin!

Because I am attending a Fall festival tomorrow, I am feeling quite festive and wanted to paint some candy corn! The theme makes for a nice border on my journal pages, don't you agree?

The coffee tastes extra grand without the sniffles.

In between painting I did some cleaning, laundry, and even put some chicken with bourbon sauce in the crockpot. Oh, my... The house smells so yummy.

I'm so happy today...

Reminding myself that in just seven more months I will be home more, fulfilling my greatest passions...

Resigning from my job.

I will still do some work outside of the home because I enjoy that too, however, it will be on my terms and schedule. I will share more when that time comes!

Oh, hurry up, May!!!!

October is flying by rather quickly.

I better close for now and get busy on a few spooky projects!!!

I hope that you will drop by again very soon for some more Fall fun!

Enjoy your day!



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