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Meet The Artist
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Bring On December!

Hello to all!
Thanksgiving came and passed quickly! I hope that everyone had a wonderful one, filled with thankful hearts... and full bellies! I can't believe that it's now December. Many will be shopping the malls and specialty shops...
others prefer to shop from home, online. I enjoy both, however, I do also try to support small business owners and of course, artists. 
Since my move back to Kansas I have stumbled upon some great finds, right here in this tiny town filled with more prairie land than shops! I thought that I would have a major melt down without a Starbuck's around the corner or high speed internet service. Yes, I sulked. I then reminded myself that this is all just part of "change" (in which I am not at all comfortable with), and that with change we must also be open-minded, flexible, and willing to try new things. Of course, there will be losses...
however, if we keep our log term goals and dreams in focus...
we will see many gains.
Once I arrived on the prairie, I began exploring the town, a little each day. I met a few people, I found a fabulous hair dresser whom the town people call, "Sissy"...
and I had one of the best cups of java on the planet!
That was months ago. Now I am a return customer to The Coffee Depot, along with other great and unique shops, tucked away in a darling downtown business district.
No, I have not abandoned Starbuck's, in fact, I had the pleasure of sipping a tall Christmas Blend just last weekend! 
I have only made a new discovery that truly is just as satisfying and actually more convenient for me-
all because I welcomed CHANGE.

The artist side of me has been busy creating for up & coming holiday sales!
These items will be at the local downtown next Friday.

Art & Inspiration magnets

Inspirational Blocks.

More holiday ornaments!

All handmade, from the heart!
Bring on December!
Until next time~

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  1. Love the ornaments! Can't wait until Ladies nite to see them!