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Meet The Artist
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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, new art...

As I sit here with my morning coffee I remember that tomorrow is New Year's Eve! Soon it will be 2012... a brand new year, which always triggers a whole different thought process: What do I hope to accomplish in this new year?
I suppose that the most important goal for me is to STAY PUT! I'm tired of searching for that permanent place to call, "HOME". I refuse to unpack all of my belongings until I feel certain that I am anchored. In all honesty, I was not even going to unpack all of my art supplies, but I miss them so! I miss having an entire room filled with book shelves displaying all of my art books and paper. I miss large work tables and tools. Most importantly, I long to create freely without frustration because I cannot find the items needed for a specific project. 
Hopefully, this will soon be resolved.
The photo above is the beautiful, country view from my new art room!
It's a project in itself but setting it up will be a very joyful event! The natural sunlight bursting through this huge window is every artist's dream!
The serenity that comes with country living brings an active mind filling up with creative ideas.
In between breaks from moving furniture and boxes...
I paint on tiny canvases.

I think about this new year...
and just how wonderful it will be!

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