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Meet The Artist
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Where I should Be...

On this Halloween day, 2011...
I feel happy and excited about this new life, this new journey!
I find myself baking and cooking again, seeking out new recipes. I'm also working with children again, as a substitute. Hopefully, it will lead into full time employment.
Although I was not looking...
love also found me, so naturally, this makes everything better, especially the holidays!
In all honesty, after my painful divorce, I had no interest in sharing my life with someone again. At my age, I am truly okay with finishing out the last life chapters, solo. That was my plan.
I guess it's true-
when we are not looking for something, it finds us.
My creativity is also returning back to me. A big cause for celebration, since creativity is a huge part of who I am.
Today I am inspired by not only the warm feelings, but by the beautiful, earthy colors of Fall.
He and I picked out some pumpkins for the home! Today I studied them. The texture, the shape. They are perfect pumpkins indeed! After the observation and some quick photos...
I was painting.
For now, I do believe that I am where I should be!
Happy Halloween to all!

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