Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night I had completed this piece. I call her, "Rose". I then altered the colors and saturation in Photoshop to give her a vintage look with very dull hues. As I looked at the results over and over again, I realized that her original colors were just too pretty to be tweeked! So, here you have the original "Rose", and actually, the monitor screen shows the colors even brighter than the original piece of art. It's a very soft pencil piece, on Stonehenge art paper. 8"x 8".
Hey! It's Friday!
I woke up to a peaceful rain here in Maryland. I can hear it tapping against the window. The kind of rain that I like....
the kind that brings out the creativity in me!
Happy weekend to all,

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