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Meet The Artist
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Creativity in Annapolis...

Creativity comes to us in so many different ways...we just have to use it. I hear so many people say, "I wish that I were creative". Well, you are. You just have not discovered how to use yours yet.
You don't have to know how to paint a picture, sketch, or put together a collage. If you ENJOY doing these things, then DO IT. Art is supposed to feel good...there are no rules in art, and no one is pressuring you to become a Picasso!
Do not critique your art or creativity. Instead, admire the beautiful colors or the textures of the paper or canvas. If you are not enjoying the process, then this form of creativity most likely isn't for you, so continue to search.
Maybe you will find creativity through cooking. I will share a secret...
I so want to learn how to make pretty cupcakes, pastries, truffles, etc. The thought of decorating the tops of these sweets with various icings, textures, and colors, really excites me! I just haven't followed through with this desire yet because I honestly don't have room in my life for another hobby! Notice, I did say, "yet". I believe that I will eventually get around to this!
Try your creativity in scrapbooking, preserving family memories, or another craft.
Possibly you will find pleasure through decorating your home or gardening. (Keep in mind, it's all about PLEASURE).
Another passion of mine is Photography. It's like playing a game with myself, even when I just go out to run icky errands, I always have a camera in my bag...
and the "scavenger hunt" begins. I kid you not, I do convert all of my outings into a scavenger hunt. I am seeking out interesting people, places, objects, colors, groupings, or themed items.
Last night, I used my camera creativity in Annapolis!

I love the boats, especially when the owners of the boats use THEIR creative spirit and decorate them! I couldn't wait to capture a shot of this Love boat!

It wasn't the boat that caught my eye here. It was actually the yellow bike...
on top of a yellow boat. All of the colors together made up an interesting picture to me.

Because this is still the month of love, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this couple, sitting...
sharing tranquility, by the water. In a sense, they too, were using their creativity. They had found something to do to share time together. They are not texting, watching television or spending alot of money (that I can see). They are simply soaking up nature, together!
Keep searching.
You will find yours!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent post Missy!
    That's my same answer to the "I'm not creative" statement too!
    So happy you are out and about with your camera! LOVE that pic of you! So pretty!
    When I come for a visit, I'll bring us a cupcake project! Look at these I've done before:

    I've been wanting to attempt a "Garden Party" themed cupcake. Up for the challenge perhaps? :)