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Friday, March 27, 2015

Traveling Art...

It thrills me to share my art and to know that it is being shipped to so many different states! I'm not just referring to commission work, although this charming, hand painted hippie suitcase was a commission...

Traveling to Texas soon...

But I also find joy in swapping art.

If you read my blog regularly, you are aware that I recently joined in on some creative online challenges and exchanges. I also did a blog post showing off my new Midori Traveler's notebook. Oh, my! I don't know how I ever got along without this Midori planner. I use it daily for sketching inspiration, taking notes, keeping track of events, swaps and due dates. I store packages of sticky notes inside the zippered pouch (sold separately) and jot down addresses of clients and art swap recipients and then stick them in my Midori. When post office day rolls around, it's so nice to have these addresses ready to stick onto the boxes and cover with clear shipping tape!


there is a Midori "Round Robin" taking place and I am happy to be a part of this fun event!

If you are wondering just what a "Round Robin" is...

A group of artists agree to the responsibilities involved (deadlines, shipping, tracking), and ship their journal (in this event, a Midori notebook), to the first artist on their list. In return, I received this notebook from another participant. This is a passport size Midori notebook... and it came to me from Canada! How cool is that?

So, I kept the notebook for one week and added some art to it's pages.

Now I ship the notebook to the next artist on my list to do the same. You may view our traveling notebooks on Instagram #thetravelingnotebook.

Once the notebooks have traveled to each participant, our original notebook is returned.... Filled with art from various artists from all around the world. That is a "Round Robin" event! It's been several years since I have been involved in one so I really am enjoying this all over again!

Here is a peek at another art swap I shipped to California last week-

The theme was "Bird quotes".

And I am currently working on some post card swaps...

Do you allow your art to travel?

It's so rewarding!

We must make time to play, right?

Wishing you a fabulous day!


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