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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun art & swapping...

Well, hello there!

How are things in your corner of the world?

Is your weather playing tricks on you, as mine is here on the prairie? One day it is 40 degrees outside but then on Friday and Saturday it was a glorious 70 degrees here! I wore sandals! Oh, joy!!!

Cold and raining today. Seriously.

Perfect days for Happy mail, wouldn't you agree?

I sent this "Bird theme art swap" out just last week.

My recipient did get it and it did brighten her day! I think that it is safe to say that I am enjoying this group very much! I cannot seem to link it to this post, but if you would like to join in on the swapping of art, search for " Art Exchange, Happy Mail Love" on facebook. Several new theme swaps were just posted last week so you will have plenty of time to look them over and select the themes that interest you!

Here is a peek of some ACEO's that I painted over the weekend...

many of them for the theme swaps.

"CIRCLES" theme.

" CROWN" theme.

" DEER GIRL" theme.

And these vintage trailers were painted simply for fun! You see, my best friend, Lori (Also in the " Art Exchange, Happy Mail Love" facebook group), came for a three day stay! Yay!!!

We spent many many hours painting.

We tried our hands at abstract...

sipped coffee.

watched 80's movies.

laughed out loud.


and painted again and again.

Oh, how I love these girly visits and yes... I got teary-eyed when I watched Lori pull out of my driveway on Monday. I never want the fun to end!

I am so glad that Lori was here to witness this pretty sky. The photo does not show the lovely pink that was quite present.


Yesterday I returned to my routine. Smiling as I reflected on the new memories made with my special friend.

Grateful for them and for her.

I do hope that you created your own wonderful memories over the weekend!

I will return soon!



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