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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Love...

February has arrived...

and with it's first day, it has made it's grand entrance with blowing snow here on the Kansas prairie.

After my two cups of coffee this morning, I went into the kitchen and began chopping vegetables. This kind of day calls for stew in the crockpot.

Now, many hours later, I can report that it was delightful! (Quite colorful too)!

Sundays are typically "lazy days" around here. A day of rest, indeed. I rarely even paint on a Sunday...

but I can show you what I am currently working on!

I am painting Las Vegas for a client who was married there. A gift for her husband. This has probably been one of my most challenging paintings, for many reasons. I have only been to Las Vegas once... when I was just age 18. I do not remember much about it.

I do not paint cities or buildings often and I do struggle with "perspective".

Yes, it's been a difficult painting...

yet enjoyable!

I feel that I learn and I grow as an artist with each commission because I am told what to paint. If I had not been told to paint Las Vegas... or a cow...

I most likely would have never done so. I would have never known just how exciting it is to paint a silly cow!

I have really come to appreciate commission work for such reasons. It forces me to step outside of my comfort zones and to learn. Before painting, I spend weeks studying the subject that I will be painting. I observe every line, the colors, the variations... and perspective.

I think that Vegas will be finished this week!

Possibly she will decide to give it to her hubby early... a Valentine gift? (I am way ahead since I originally told her that I could begin painting in February)!

Awwww, the month of Love!

I also squeeze in some playful painting that requires zero brain work!

Sending some Love your way!


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