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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let's talk journals...

Oh, dear.

January is moving so quickly (but I am okay with that because I do prefer sunny and warm months).

I live in my own little corner of the world, quietly painting. I do not get out much, especially when it is so cold outside...

however, this past three day weekend I did have a reason to throw on some jeans and a real blouse.

Since this rarely occurs, I felt the need to snap a selfie to send to my darling husband, who was off on one of his "guys trips". Just after taking this photo, my best friend, Lori, arrived with all of her luggage and art supplies! Yes, indeed... it was time for our "Girls' weekend" and we kicked it off with a Friday night outing in downtown Lawrence. We were on a mission to seek out some vintage books from the used book stores.

We found this fabulous childrens' book! A perfect cover for creating a journal with!

Of course, while downtown, we popped into the "hippie shop" and I added two new t-shirts to my wardrobe. We also had sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant! My mouth is watering all over again just typing this! Delightful!

Once back home, here on the prairie...

we changed into our weekend pajamas and for the next few days it was all about art, creativity, more yummy food, coffee, late nights, scary tv programs, great conversation, and laughter!

Childrens' book was turned into a new art journal filled with lovely watercolor paper pages.

The fairy lights shined brightly wee hours of the nights.

We were on a roll and on Saturday we created a smaller journal with a hand made cover.

We were so very proud of our creations and naturally, we had to just sit and admire the journals for awhile.

We even crammed some online mixed media classes into our weekend!

We always feel that the time goes by too fast. I absolutely love our girls' weekends and cherish each memory made with Lori. (friends since 7th grade... we have certainly made quite a collection of memories)!

Monday was a difficult day for me emotionally, when Lori left...

and I was once again alone in my very quiet reality. (hubby was still working).This happens to me every time loved ones come... and then must go. This is truly the most challenging thing about leaving a home town to begin a new life, miles away.

I pulled out my current journal and spilled my sadness onto the pages.

Sometimes it takes a day or two before I bounce back to my happy self, loving this beautiful life and feeling very blessed. Right down to the simple pleasures that I thrive on, such as hanging laundry out to dry so that I can smell that fresh outdoors while sleeping!

I will always miss my family, friends, and many things about my home town. I was there 40-something years.

But then I realize that what I have now, is everything that I once wished for.

I look back through my art journals and witness the growth, the pain, the sacrifices, the change...


My reality rocks!

Blessings to you!



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