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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Documented Life Journal Project...

Hello, dear ones!

Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day?

For those of you that know me or who have followed my blog through the years, know that it is not my favorite day of the year...

although I have now, a wonderful husband to share February 14th with, and it has certainly been a more pleasant event, I still feel sad for those who are alone when this big, commercialized holiday rolls around. I have been that person too.The one who sees the big, beautiful bouquets of flowers being delivered to co-workers and hearing them talk about dinner plans with their sweethearts...

while I went home to an empty house and sat alone all evening.

I learned to pamper my own self. It got easier! Then, one year, I realized that it really is okay to be alone and the chocolates that I purchased for myself tasted just as great as anyone elses!

My art journals tell of all of my loveless Valentine's Days.

I cherish my journals...

and now I am thrilled to be a part of "The Documented Life" art journal project!

I jumped in late and started with a journal that happened to be sitting on my shelf. I then found the large "Dylusions" journal at a hobby store and loved it instantly, so with a coupon, I got it for 40% off! Oh my... it's big, pages are heavy, but I really admired the way that this journal is constructed. It has a large envelope mounted on the inside of the front cover, an elastic closure band, and several pages to work on!

(Now I was really behind with the journal prompts, provided by the Art to the 5th Academy website).

Hey! Why don't you click on the link and join us?

Each week, a new prompt is given, along with a medium or technique to follow.

Example: the photo above was for a prompt using the color wheel and layers.

Notice my stress ball? I just wasn't "feeling it" on that day and since then, that page has undergone many transformations!

Take a peek at some of my other journal pages...

I am really enjoying the project and it gives me a nice break from commission work. I tend to play in the journal while paint on a canvas dries... but this weekend, it has been all play!

Hope to see you there!


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