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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shaking & Painting the Winter Blues...

Oh, those Winter blues.

February seems to linger on for too long, wouldn't you agree?

Each morning I stop by the large window in our dining room to peek out. You see, where we live, one day it may be snowing, while the next day it could be bright and sunny with "pleasant" temperatures.

I always hope for the latter...

but then again, the snow is so beautiful. On Tuesday we had big, fluffy snowflakes!

I never become bored...

but I do long to play outside and feel the warmth on my shoulders again. For now, I just sip hot beverages and happily paint.

More journal entries for the "Documented Life Project".

I get lost in this world of my own.

Not a worry or care.

Riding out Winter.

And drinking more tea.

How do you shake the Winter blues?

Please, tell me!

I will see you again, very soon!

Stay warm.


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