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Meet The Artist
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrate Halloween!

The wind is howling just outside my windows.

A crisp chill has made it's way into the house. That old familiar chill that forces me to quickly jump out of bed in the morning hours and grab my fleece robe that has hung on the bathroom door hook for months.


It's such a beautiful season, indeed.

I cannot even imagine living somewhere else, where there are no Fall colors and the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet when I venture out.


To me, this is the season that excites and reminds me that the holidays are soon upon us!

Here in Kansas, it usually begins now.


Start digging out the sweaters, mittens, boots, and ear muffs because it's coming.


But let's not jump to far ahead.

In leu of this wonderous, spooky time...

Let's stay in the moment and celebrate Halloween!

I have enjoyed many opportunities to play and prepare for this "holiday".

Shopping with friend from Texas...

(Pure silliness and fun as we tried on masks and hats)!

A trip back to my home town recently led to more dress up fun with my special cousin, Tonya...

and, of course, my immediate family whom I miss so much, especially during holiday months.

Yes, life has been blissfully busy lately.

Art sales.

Some substitute teaching.

Friends. Family. Chores.

A trip to Arkansas. Flea markets. Off road riding. Dining.

Selling out of Hand painted Christmas ornaments already!


I even watched my very first World Series game on tv!

(I have never been a fan of sports, but did enjoy game 7)!

I try to be a very open minded person and expose myself to new things. Watching the game with hubby made it even more enjoyable!

I wish each and every one of you a safe and happy Halloween!

Stay warm!



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