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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The smallest things...

I witnessed something extra special this morning while I was out walking and jogging.

Did you see it too?

The moon!

It was the strangest thing. Traces of the moon behind our house as the sun was rising on the front side of the house.

Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone camera with me, otherwise, I might have captured some more detailed photos.

I get so excited over the smallest of things...

And so grateful that I do.

(It makes exercising much more enjoyable, I might add)!

Ahhhhhhh, the colors of Fall are now filling my paint palettes.

It's that time again.

Handpainted Christmas ornaments!

I'm going to begin posting them, (for sale), in a couple of weeks, on my Facebook page! I'm having so much fun with all new designs....

Baby ornaments, teacher ornaments, wedding ornaments! I try to create ornaments to suit everyone. Yes, I will even personalize them!

This ornament will represent peace on earth.

I have such a happy heart when preparing for the holidays.

Pumpkin pie fragrance fills the air in every room. I love those wax warmers! (Especially since I'm not doing any pie baking at this time)! Soon though... Soon!

Still art journaling in the evenings...

And sipping hot tea.

Yes, these small things in life make for a wonderful life. Truly, they do.

Something else that I cherish so much is receiving messages from YOU!

Today, Sylvie, from France, sent me some very kind words. Friends, YOU inspire me. You see, I was not going to blog today since I had such a large "assembly line" of ornaments in the makings, and still had supper to cook along with other chores...

But then I thought of Sylvie.

She took time out of her day to type a very thoughtful message. I decided that at this moment, it should be a priority to create a simple blog post and to acknowledge Sylvie. Thank you, Sylvie, and to all of you who do follow my blog. It means so much to me!



It's the smallest things that matter the most.

Blessings to all and I will meet you right back here, soon!




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