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Meet The Artist
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tubas and the Blues...

Helloooooo, out there!

Just a real quick blog post. This sickness in our house has worsened! We sit here with our tissue boxes, sneezing, coughing... Hoping that tomorrow will be better. It was a terribly long day at work. My Monday mornings begin with a band class... 75 students beating on drums, blowing trumpets and tubas. Wonderful kids, indeed...

But some days the head can only take so much noise!

I am fortunate to have time at work to dabble in my sketchbook. It's great for stress!

I have no zest to complete this journal entry. It just might remain this way- very blue.

It certainly reveals my true state of mind right now. Overloaded with the Winter blues. Cold. Heavy.

I know that all will be perfect again once we rid of this nasty virus. Yes, it will be!!! Can't wait!!!

That's all I have for today!


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