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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Glimpse of Spring...

The wind is howling outside. It was a cold, dreary day here in Eastern Kansas. Sigh. I long for Spring and Summer. I can think about it...

I can also paint Spring to help hold me over. Today I added more layers and some green to my first pastel painting. Oh, I am loving these soft pastels! I am indeed, going to add to my collection!!! I want mounds of colors!

Practice, practice, practice. I shall practice all Summer long! And...

Possibly some next week! I will enjoy a taste of Spring come Friday! Why? Because once that work day is completed, I will officially be on Spring break! And that's not all. Would you believe that we are expected to have 70 degree temperatures here? Joy, joy, joy! So much to be excited about! Not only an art-filled week off from work, but I may also have a visitor for a few days! She is one of my dearest and best friends since seventh grade! (Many years ago). You may remember her from an October post. Yes, Lori may come and play for awhile!

I have been playing in color again today. I am not proud of the painting, but it's all about becoming acquainted with these new pastels, right? I think that I can bring it out of this ugly stage in time. I will continue to add more color, texture, layers...

And have fun doing it!

The colors are amazing! Yes, I DO need more pink sticks, purple sticks, blue and green too!!!!! These things are addictive and I want more than just a few!

Hurry up, Spring!

I have been putting out some Easter decorations around the home. Eggs and bunnies make me smile!

Until next time!



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