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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Once school was out I thought that I would have more time for the neglected things, such as my blog...
(However, I cannot deny the fact that blogging is no longer high on my priority list).
Of course I love sharing, reading other artists' blogs when I can, and being a part of this whole blogging community...
but I also love so many other things in my life such as working in the garden, reading a good book, cooking, and spending time with Paul. I find that I no longer want to sit in front of a laptop screen! I want to be in the NOW and live joyfully in these other moments & interests.
Yes, I think about shutting down my blog. Closing this chapter...
I have blogged since 2006 (In a Shabby Kind Of Way blog), so I've "been there, done that". I have met wonderful friends/ artists just by blogging. It seems that many of them have also closed their blogging chapters and moved on.
I shall continue to ponder this. 
I have been on the go and keeping busy ever since that final week of school!
May 18th, 19th, & 20th Paul and I went back to our hometown to see my only niece graduate from High School! It was great to be around family again!
Then, on May 25th through Memorial Day...
EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS where we met my dear cousin, Tonya, and her hubby, Garry.
The 4 of us shared a condo, got crazy dirty while riding the beautiful trails...
got wet in crystal clear spring water!
Us gals also spent a glorious day shopping in the historical downtown district! We dined, we laughed...

we loved! (Even with a dirt-covered face)! 

(Paul & Garry).

After our lovely get-away, I settled into an art routine at home.
I have had 2 custom paintings for clients to work on. One completed...shipped!

Of course I DO make time for my art journal and some fun paintings! I just love the bright colors on my silly owls!!!!

There has also been time for shopping for patio lights and a big hammock, decorating the patio, cooking out, shopping for a new car, making gifts, planning our family vacation with my parents, un-boxing more of my belongings, baking fluffy cakes...
laying in the hammock.
Yes. These things are all very high on my priority list!

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