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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It is what it is, darling...

Hello, readers in Blogland!
Due to the very high winds, along with HOT temperatures here in Eastern Kansas, I am spending more time indoors than out! Although I miss running out to the garden to greet the newborn watermelons and flower blooms...
it's not ALL bad. I paint more!
I bounce around from project to project. I explore through an array of art supplies and mediums. 
I recently came across some of my old "Artist Trading Cards" and the charming little albums in which I stored them in. It brought back fond memories from the year of 2005, when I first discovered these mini pieces of art. I even joined an online group where collectors gathered to create and swap. Oh, the joy of trading ATC's with other artists from all over the world! I watched this craze evolve into something even bigger. A fabulous book was released...
of course, I purchased it. I was selling on ebay and nearly fell over when one of my cards sold for a very unbelievable amount!
Then everyone began calling the cards ACEO's- art card edition original. These are the good cards, so to speak. ORIGINAL.
I have seen the cards framed and displayed in a grouping on a wall. LOVE! I want to do this in my art studio!
Although these small works of art measure only 2.50" x 3.50", some of them are truly amazing, and affordable. A very nice painting (ACEO), can still be found on etsy or ebay for $10.00 to $15.00. At these prices, most CAN afford to do a wall grouping and collect beautiful art that puts a smile on their face!
I will begin listing my ACEO's in my etsy shop once we are settled in at home. You, see, we have many travel plans and events ahead! Oh, how I also LOVE Summer!!!!!!!! 

I have several art pieces that I will be listing in my shop!
I have put much thought into this, and just don't think that it is fair to my buyers to make them have to wait so long for any purchase. I cannot promptly ship if the vagabond is moving! I'm a perfectionist and want to be able to put 100 percent of myself into my art biz and buyers. This is why I do not list much. The timing must also be perfect!

I will have framed art to offer.
My paintbrushes have been very busy!

My girls are dying to get out... just as I have been! *giggles*
Oh, wind. Please, go away.
For now, it is what it is.
I do hope that your corner of the world is NOT so windy!
Happy day to all! 

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