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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, June 22, 2012


I was lying in bed Wednesday night. My mind would not rest. (I'm thrilled that my right side of the brain has bounced back and that creative ideas are flooding it)! It's okay that art disrupts my sleep pattern. I embrace it and know that the sooner I fall asleep...
the quicker the next new day will come for me to put my ideas to work!
I did just that yesterday morning. I brewed my special java and began painting the stack of 4" x 4" gallery wrapped canvases that I purchased many months ago... during my "blocked" phase. 
Golden brand acrylics. Mixing my own lovely colors. Happy, happy!
In the back of my mind I did feel a tad bit guilty because I NEEDED to be working on a custom painting instead...
but my client will reap the rewards once I get these fun painting out of my system! 

The idea actually came to me because of my love of trinkets. I especially love the gum ball machine trinkets, and still, at age 46, I stop to put my quarters in after leaving a store. Aaaaaahhhh, the excitement and anticipation as I wait to see which toy the machine has selected just for me! So, as you can imagine, I do have quite a collection of trinkets.
I also have a wooden box that holds stuff. Stuff to use in my art. Things that I find, things that other people discard, such as these wine corks.

And so, my fun little paintings were born. I'm still at it today. They make me smile!
The left side of my brain is now scolding me because I'm running out of time! I still have the commission piece to complete AND, at this time next week, Paul & I set off for another big adventure! We will spend 4 glorious days in a large cabin with my entire family, out on the water!!!!! JOY, JOY, JOY!
Once we say are sad goodbyes, Paul & I will keep on rolling. No plan really, no schedules, no commitments. We do have some IDEAS!
I must close for now. Much to do!
Wishing you a fabulous day!

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