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Meet The Artist
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Chocolate & Chimes...

I am having the most enjoyable Summer!
At last...
I have a comfort zone again, along with a routine. I work outside of the home during the Winter months...
Summer time is dedicated to my art, creativity, and working from home. Yes, I call this place home now.
I'm up at the crack of dawn and work begins soon after the first cup of coffee (and Facebook)! I'm doing more & more commission art so these tasks always take priority over the "Whatever I feel like" projects!
Yesterday I completed my most recent commission piece (chimes, pictured at the end of this post). So, I celebrated today by doing this yummy chocolate cupcake painting! You see, the vanilla cupcake sold a few days ago. Shipped it this morning. Thank you, Gina! I do hope that you will love it! Naturally, I had this burning desire to create another acrylic cupcake to replace the vanilla. AND, this time...
I sculpted a strawberry topper from polymer clay. (Inspired by the chocolate wonder fall that Paul & I indulged in this past weekend, while dining at the Golden Corral)! Oh, so good!

These 4" x 4" cuties are so fun for me! (I think I will need another batch of these gallery wrapped canvases!

When not working from home...
I'm playing. Hanging out with Paul, going to "World's of Fun" on a Friday afternoon and getting a henna tattoo to match his real tattoo! We truly enjoy life together.

Don't you just love the sound of wind chimes?
I find them to be so soothing. After doing this piece, I have also grown even fonder of chimes. They are beautiful. A big THANK YOU to Brian for requesting a chimes painting. It has inspired me to create more chime themed art.
I will now step out to the patio and savor some evening time listening to our chimes!
Until next time...

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