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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cold, Fall morning...

 The weather man warned us of a much colder day today. The howling winds beating against the bedroom windows were just a sampling of what was to come. As any morning, I sipped on some extra bold coffee... but still could not warm my body, let alone, begin a productive day. So, after the coffee, I made some hot Chai tea and put on some very thick, wool socks!
 I had NO desire to go beyond the doors!
 In Kansas, wind is common. We grow used to it. This doesn't mean that we like the wind! It makes for a colder Fall and Winter. Just a few days ago, this tree was full of blazing orange leaves. Well, the recent wind swooped up all of the leaves.... and dropped them onto the ground to simply dry up and crumble.
Yes, I am grateful to stay INSIDE on this day!
I got out my watercolors.
 A tiny, red Cardinal came to life.
My body felt warmer.
I was content.
My life is fulfilling again. I smile as I paint.
Another ornament completed!

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