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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holiday JOY!

 After yet another move, I'm starting to feel my creativity coming back to me! Yay! Although I do not have an art studio to work out of, I have made other gains in this new life! The rest will eventually fall into place... at least I hope.
The holidays will be wonderful this year and I have been making some ornaments. The first attempt at art since I left Maryland. I first painted the frames white, allowing imperfections because I want them to look old and distressed. Now I have one dozen of ornate frame ornaments... and every one of them will hold a tiny, original painting! This serves me well because I need to get back into my art groove!
 I think that I will do a variety. Birds, ladies, possibly even some sweet tea cups and cup cakes!
The ornaments may be hung on a tree or a doorknob... all year long, if you so desire!
Yes, it feels nice to be creating again. I have much more news to share, and I will very soon, however, it's time I put the laptop away and focus on other things.
Take a closer look at the new ornaments over in my etsy shop!
Wishing you a great evening!

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