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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Thoughts...

I'm still here and I haven't forgotten about my blog!
I have been pretty homesick for Kansas lately, afterall, that was home for 45 years, and where my family and friends remain. Every memory that enters my mind...
was made in Kansas, for the most part. I feel so very far away. I will soon visit, however, it's still not the same.
I keep busy so that I cannot think too much!
I love being outdoors and today I spent the afternoon roaming all over historic Annapolis...
just me and my camera. I sat on the dock, by the water for awhile. That felt nice. I watched the boats, and of course, the people. Not many tourists were out today, so the sidewalks were somewhat empty. I will share some of the day's photos once I get them uploaded. Until then, I hope that you enjoy my cheery pin wheel photo! I snapped this pic yesterday.
I have more art to share as well and yesterday I was quite pleased to ship out some sold art! A big thank you to Gayle!
These are just some thoughts for today.

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  1. You know after you visit Kansas you can always come visit me! I'm only 2 hours and a cheap flight away! :) I love your Pinwheel photo! It is indeed cheery and bright! Love you lots! xo