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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

For the Love of Coffee...

Good morning to all!
Inspired by my love of coffee, this is my latest piece of art. I used colored pencils. I prefer Prismacolor brand.

This new city in which I now reside, is full of charm. One just has to look. I shot this photo at a local gas station. A gas station that most pass by daily, never noticing the retro details, such as this coffee cafe sign. Hanging from the front entrance of the gas station is a large ice cream cone sculpture! I have pictures of it as well, but today's post is all about coffee!
I have my usual 2 cups each morning. For me, it's not about a sudden energy jolt. It's a taste preference and a feel good, along with the aroma, the warmth. It seems to clear my mind and prepares me for the day! I then drink water throughout the remainder of the day, but  as the night sets in....
my coffee becomes a dessert! It's my reward that comforts the soul as I watch tv or work on something creative.
Oh, how I love my coffee!
I wish that you could join me for a cup!

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  1. Love the art piece Missy! It's always so much fun when you stumble upon a retro sign. I do wish I could join you for a cup!