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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Summer!

Oh, dear.

I have done it again.

I have allowed myself to get swept away by Summer bliss...

losing track of days gone by.


Instead of blogging, I have been sipping organic tea on the front porch...

day dreaming.

I have followed crazy vines, searching for surprises.

Squeeling with joy when the first white pumpkin was spotted!

Did I tell you that I planted oodles and oodles of pumpkins?

Blue pumpkins, white pumpkins, tiny ornamental pumpkins, and of course, traditional orange pumpkins.

Two very plump, orange pumpkins have made their appearance since these photos were taken!

I never thought that I would say this because I am such a Summer girl...

but I am wishing for Fall to hurry and come.

I'm already thinking of creative Fall to do's!

But this Summer has certainly been a fun one.

I have tried on cool clothes in this very cool dressing room!

Bold colors bursting with bohemian designs...

it's enough to convince me to purchase all of the wonderful pants and tops, some having this same kind of flare!

It's so much fun to twist around and twirl while wearing big bell bottom pants and ruffled sleeves!

I never feel too old to do just that.

If clothing makes me smile...

it's meant to be.

After a sushi lunch with a nice, new girly friend...

I returned back to my prairie home, swinging my large shopping bags!

I have also changed up my routine this Summer.

Hubby and I wake early and enjoy our coffee together. He then goes a few yards away to his work.

I put on my athletic wear (no, I'm not at all athletic)...

and head out for a morning jog and walk.

I do both.






I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and even going organic around here.

I will share more on that in a different post!

Some times I even have two fur babies tagging along!

I love this new routine. It's working well for me and has actually made my work days so much more productive.

Once back home, (and still early in the morning), I get my shower and get busy in the studio.

I am more inspired, happier, and even more creative. Really.

I think that because I am so observant of the wild flowers and colors that I see while out, it changes my whole frame of mind! I want more and more color, beauty...

and I can capture all of that again and again with paints and a brush! (In a sense).

Yes, I have also kept quite busy with work.

More and more commission work comes my way and I am still pinching myself just to see if this is all really happening for me!

Friends, I'm currently blessed with the biggest commission piece that has made me nervous, stressed, excited, eager, then joyful! I have remained focused on this piece- Monday through Friday.

A few evening hours were spent on this commissioned piece.

I love the stories that comes with each request.

I have also enjoyed simply being married to my best friend.

Today we had a lunch date out...

More sushi for me...

along with some sugar free dessert!

Note: this was not one of my choices!

Happy Summer to you!


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