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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back Home and Back to Work...

Hello, dear ones!

Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend?

Hubby and I took a little road trip to visit our families back "home".

He did some RZR riding on the river while I shopped with my two moms, one being his mother.

Lots of dining out and simply sitting in my parents' living room.

I'm perfectly content with the simple things!

Once back to our prairie home, it's been work, work, work!

All good work, of course!

Work in the garden.

Work with customers who buy my fancy nail wraps and jewelry.

Work inside the home and oodles of laundry!

Work in my art studio! Yay!

I have finished this commission piece and will be shipping it to it's new home tomorrow.

Do you remember me sharing the story of the client who has made it her new year's resolution to "be a kinder person" by having gifts of art mailed to them without ever identifying herself?

Well, this is one of those secret gifts!

I will also be enclosing this...

With a card.

I am enjoying this job more than any other!

It's so very uplifting and fulfilling!

I could forever paint...

But it's just always so much more special to paint for others.

I wish that she would commission me for life!

I will be so sad when our project ends in 2015.

Of course, my newest little hobby and side job means having pretty nails!

This truly is fun for me, and hey...

It's some fun spending cash too!

A neighbor came over this morning for coffee and a mani!

We both did our nails and of course, I snap pics of mine!

Our flower gardens are looking so beautiful!!!!

Loving this weather and all of the colors!

I will see you back here again very soon!



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