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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wind & Weaving...


I have just a quick post this evening before going off to bed.

It's cold here, and quite windy. Rain, rain, rain.

I look forward to the bed and blankets tonight!

My art journal sits very close to the bed.

I dabbled in it last, on Sunday.

Not all of my pages are neat, nor pretty. Sometimes I just need to mix watercolors, hold a paintbrush... write. It feels so good!

The aroma of a roast in the crockpot filled our home over the weekend. Potatoes, carrots, onion, and celery. I bounced around here, happy as a lark!

I'm now down to just seven more work days! (Off on Monday)!

Baskets spinning...

Weaving when I can.

I promise to do a more detailed post on basket weaving and dying, once things settle down a bit.

Running errands, shipping art, taking care of business, planning a weekend getaway with my hubby and some friends.

How are you?

Warm and well, I hope.

I will meet you back here again soon!


Stay warm!



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