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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pure Sweetness...

Hello, hello!

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?

Hubby and I will leave tomorrow...

to travel back to our home town, to be with family! Yay!!! I had hoped to have our large Christmas tree up and the house fully decorated by now (so that we could return back home to a cozy, Christmas atmosphere)....

But I've been a bit busy. I only found time to put a few tiny trees around the rooms.

You see...

I have spent days in the kitchen.

Oh, how nice...

She's been baking cupcakes for Thanksgiving ( you must be thinking). Impressed, huh?

Giggle. Giggle.

I've been in the kitchen, indeed...

Making faux cupcakes. Some became ornaments, others will be photo holders. Some are for gift giving...

Others to sell.

Aren't they just adorable?!!!!

I'm even making all of the toppers from clay!

Pure sweetness.

Poor hubby. Frothing at the bit. I have promised to bake him some real cupcakes once we get back from our Thanksgiving travels. He's been a trooper, assisting me in the kitchen with this project!

I also have more handpainted ceramic ornaments in the makings, on my work table. I sold all of the ornaments pictured in my last blog post. Gone, gone, gone!

Oh my.

Our house is quite a mess. Especially the kitchen.

It's a nice mess though!

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Until next time.


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  1. Wait - those aren't real cupcakes? Oh My! They look so delicious!! Oh wow! I hope you'll let us know if you put some in your shop for sale. I may have to try to find the $$ to buy one. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!