Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, April 30, 2012


So many events and celebrations!
In addition to 2 weddings, I am also working on gifts & greeting cards for Mother's Day and my only niece's graduation! Oh, I am so very excited to be returning back to my hometown and spending a few days with my family in May!

Dena is a childhood friend who just married Brad on Friday! Brad is a high school classmate. I wish you both a life time of happiness! The card is in the mail!

I really enjoy making greeting cards. There's just something so wonderful about these smaller projects...that mean so much! I find myself thinking about the recipient  throughout the entire process.

The Mother's Day card was inspired by the beautiful Sunflower arrangement that Paul surprised me with Friday night when I returned home from work! Because he was leaving for a weekend of hobbies & fun...
He wanted me to have some cheery things beside me while I plunged into a quiet world of CREATIVITY! He also bought me a bag of some really good coffee!

Paul is safely home. I'm back to my weekly routine of waking early, showering... waiting to see if I get a call to substitute... or not. If not... 
it's an art day usually!
Wishing everyone out there a perfect day!

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