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Meet The Artist
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Studio Sneak Peek!

What a busy week it has been! During the days I have been subbing in a preschool class with some very "busy"(but adorable) children! In the evenings I have continued to un-box art supplies and set up this new art studio space! Still not completed, but I wanted to show you my progress. First of all, just look at this incredible window! My late Grandmother's chair and a perfect, country view creates a wonderful place to sit with a cup of coffee before starting a project!

It has taken countless hours to organize all of my paints, ink pads, books, magazines, tools, mediums, etc. I like to keep it attractive! I'm so glad that I have managed to hold onto my vintage Pepsi crate throughout my moves! It has worked nicely for my play paints!

I can now see many of my fabrics.

Please, excuse the mess. I still have things sitting on the floor or just tossed onto the shelves...
but I'm getting so very close to having a finished, workable space...

and also getting back to some un-finished ART!

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