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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

All things Magical...

It's not easy adjusting to a new lifestyle and new routine. Unpacking years of collected belongings has consumed me, leaving very little time for art...but I'm getting there! I have been working on my "Sketchbook Project" some and will be posting more photos soon. I must confess, the weather has been beautiful here, so I do want to enjoy as much outdoors as I can before the cold Winter sets in.
Of course, I did attend the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival last month and it was just as magical as the first time that I went! I always feel right at home here with the gypsies, queens, knights and Kings! Thought I'd share a few photos of this year's event since I haven't any art to show & tell about.
This weekend I'm off to Virginia Beach for some more sight seeing and inspiration and I will be packing art bag!
Bear with me as I ease back into the blogging routine, please!
Wishing you all a magical weekend!

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  1. Such fun! Loved the pics, love seeing your smiling face!