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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Live A Storybook Life!

For the "Sketchbook Project", I chose the theme, "Storybook".
All of my life I have enjoyed storybooks! I especially like the interactive books with secret doors and hidden treasures inside! I am always amazed at pop-up books. I study every little detail!
I want to create a very magical book filled with eye candy, however, I may not have the kind of time needed for such book....
I shall see.
I'm not going to write a storybook. Instead, my book is going to be a tiny book of inspiration!
In today's world, everyone seems to be in such a hurry. Sadly, the world goes un-noticed. For some, it may even appear to be black and white.
Creativity amongst young people seems to be a thing of the past. When I was a child, I played with my friends and cousins. We created our own entertainment by constructing doll houses from shoe boxes, building underground forts that would take us days to dig by hand. We couldn't wait to get out of school the following day just to continue on with our digging!
I cherish my childhood memories, and today, I DO notice every color in each fallen leaf, the textures that surround me. I am very observevant and most importantly, I CAN create my own fun. I CAN be alone and have a great time.
I find the greatest joy from the simple pleasures in life and so this is what I will share in my illustrated sketchbook project!
For now, it is only black and white....
but soon you will see the COLORS!

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  1. Yay! So excited to see what you will create amongst the pages. So true too about children today. I remember turning up stones to look for roly-polys, collecting locust skins and climbing every tree I could find. All those lazy days at the Sandpit. I think we should feel blessed we had a childhood in the decade we did. :)